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Midlands School of Massage and Bodywork

Address: The Shirley Centre, 274 Stratford Road, Shirley, Solihull B90 3AD
Tel: 0121 244 1846 or 07595 901909

About the School

Julie LintonThe Midlands School of Massage and Bodywork is run by Julie Linton (pictured right). Our aim is to provide training and learning experiences that are inclusive and accessible to all, as far as possible. Our tutors value the life experiences that students bring to each course, and feel this further enhances the training journey, with an atmosphere of shared learning and personal discovery.

The diploma courses are comprehensive, with tutors committed to delivering an opportunity for students to become the best therapist’s that they can be. In a nutshell, the training has been described as; challenging, exciting, fun and very rewarding.

As a community interest company, it offers the opportunity to work with clients within the community during and after training. For clients, this enables affordable access to massage treatments, with the opportunity of experiencing the nurturing, healing potential of mindful touch. Also, it further supports student development and broadens skills.

Its courses are comprehensive. Its tutors are committed to delivering the opportunity for students to become the best therapist they can be, if they fully engage with the learning experience. In a nutshell, the training is: challenging, exciting, fun and very rewarding.

About the Tutors

Julie Linton is the lead tutor for the Holistic Massage Diploma and the Sports and Remedial Massage Diploma. Qualified in 2005, she recently achieved a degree in Rehabilitation and Injury Management and is currently studying for a Masters in behaviour change.

Samantha Roberts and Fran Foster are assistant tutors for the massage element of the Holistic Massage Diploma.

All tutors work as massage therapy practitioners.

Holistic Massage Diploma

Midlands School of Massage and Bodywork

The course equips students to be competent in massage practice and applied anatomy, physiology and pathology theory. It gives the confidence to begin the journey as a massage therapist to a professional standard. It provides a firm foundation for students to continue exploring and developing their working practice and personal growth.

It's a part-time course of 26 days over 10 months of weekend and three day workshops. (Please note, this maybe subject to change in light of the pandemic. If restrictions are in place, then a blended learning approach is used, with some theory elements delivered online over Zoom). There is a maximum group size of 12. Teaching methods are varied, largely experiential and participative. During the course students will practise massage and bodywork with each other. There will be a supervised clinic session with members of the community depending on pandemic guidelines. During the time between training weekends, students will practice massage, complete self-awareness exercises and theory assignments. There is continued supervision, tutor and peer support throughout.

Sports and Remedial Massage Diploma

This course aims to equip students to be competent and confident in integrating and delivering advanced massage techniques as part of massage treatment sessions.

This is a part-time course of 31 days over 12 months, consisting of weekend workshops. There is a maximum group size of 12. Teaching methods are a mix of lectures, discussion and a high level hands-on practice. During time between training weekends students are expected to: practice integrating advanced massage techniques within existing practice, attend community and sporting events, complete theory assignments, continue to develop personal reflection and self-awareness. There is continued tutor supervision and peer support throughout.

Other Courses and Workshops

  • Introduction to Holistic Massage Diploma
  • Introduction to Indian Head Massage: for family and friends
  • Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Soft Tissue Release
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Introduction to Postural Assessment.
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